Automatic Parking Bollard

This high-quality electro-mechanical security bollard will guarantee safety and it represents an ideal solution for entrance with high-security requirements. With an intensive operative cycle, Parklio™ Bollard is designed to withstand high car flows, thus economically and efficiently securing parking places in just a few seconds.

Automatic parking lock features

  • Smartphone controlled, operated via a free app (Android & iOS)
  • Intensive use
  • Designed for continuous use with 100% duty rating
  • Auto-close option upon departure of the vehicle
  • Electro-mechanical motorization
  • Made with a special motor to be faster and more durable in time
  • Possibility of integration with other systems
  • Additional LED lights safety system

How does it work?

The electro-mechanical movement of this security bollard is the most reliable technology for extremely intense use at all temperatures and weather conditions. Operated via Parklio Connect free app, this bollard has a rise and fall time of just 6-7 seconds.


Opening time 7 s
Height 450 mm
Diameter 230 mm
Weight 80 kg
Smartphone controlled Yes
Remote control via Parklio™ Gateway and Parklio™ PMS


Parklio™ Bollard is controlled by an application on the smartphone allowing the bollard to be raised or lowered easily from the comfort of the car. This smart rising bollard has a large use since it is smartphone-controlled, reliable, easy to manage, and adaptable to a wide range of areas. Bluetooth connection allows Parklio™ Bollard to work efficiently with a stable connection in any parking environment, including underground garages.



The main advantage of electric bollards is their convenience. Unlike other bollards, Parklio™ Bollard is retractable, which means it can be completely lowered into the ground. With a simple tap in the Parklio Connect application, the users can easily lower or raise the automatic parking post. Also, driveway bollards are quite useful for access control when the gate is not a suitable option. It offers the same security protection and it gives the desired aesthetics to your private property.



The main difference between Parklio™ Bollard and other driveway posts is its ability to fully retract into the ground. With telescopic bollards, the users can control the access either with a free app (available on Google Play or App Store) or via keyfob. Folding and removable bollards require manual operation to raise or lower them. This means you will save extra time with automatic Parklio™ Bollard, without even having to leave your vehicle. It is that simple!

FAQ – Parklio™ Bollard

How much does bollard installation cost?
Bollard installation should be performed by a professional and the price depends on your location. To get more information about the installation cost, please consult us via the contact form.
Can a rising bollard damage car chassis?
The purpose of the bollard post is to prevent any type of vehicle from entering the secured area. By implementing Parklio photocells or Parklio magnetic loop detectors it is possible to avoid any type of damage to the vehicle.
How much spacing is optimal to prevent vehicle access?
Bollards should be spaced no more than 150 centimeters apart (5 feet) to prevent vehicle access.
How to install bollards in asphalt?
To install bollards in asphalt, first you need to install a concrete or cement base for the bollard. Then you need to provide space for the base and anchor casting. After that pour the concrete and place the safety bollard over the anchor casting. Thread a rod through the base and tighten it, but allow 5 to 7 centimeters for the asphalt.
What is the price for the Parklio™ Bollard?
Due to the various bollard models and client requirements we are forming the prices once we receive the client inquiry. We strive to provide our clients with best solution, and this is the reason we approach every client individually. Please send us an inquiry and one of our team members will promptly provide you with an offer and additional advice if required.

Parklio™ Bollard – Accessories


Keyfob is intended for those users who do not want to use the free Parklio Connect application. With an additional keyfob, you can control the bollard with a single press. It can be attached to the car interior or hanged on a key chain.


Flashing light

If you prefer to be extra safe or just want more visibility to your bollard, you can order a flashing light. This multi-voltage flashing light will signal the movement of the automatic parking bollard.

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