Open Mouv’roc XL Universal End Facade

Open Mouv‘roc is made up of a structure and end facade, on which the apparatuses are fixed on both sides and of a roof. It can be fitted with 8 apparatuses and one combo allowing 16 simultaneous users to do up to 102 exercises. Its large roof, supported by poles, allows the practice of physical activities in any weather.

Open Mouv‘roc has been designed as an open fitness room to offer sportsmen, experts or beginners, juniors or seniors, a free access sheltered space to do muscle-strengthening or stretching exercises. It offers a variety of apparatuses for a complete exercise program: the indoor apparatuses allow 12 people to practice physical activity simultaneously and in one place. 4 additional users can perform their exercises on the outside wall. Open Mouv‘roc is also suitable for people with reduced mobility. It is a real place of relaxation which encourages intergenerational exchanges.

The apparatuses of Open Mouv’Roc are fixed, the user works safely with all or part of his body weight. Pictograms with QR codes indicate to the user the exercises indicated for each apparatus. Mouv‘roc Open is compact and adapts perfectly to the constraints of dense outdoor spaces.


  • 16 users simultaneously
  • 102 exercises

6 dedicated pieces of equipment for muscle reinforcement or stretching

Many body weight exercise possibilities

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