Ferrocast is an engineering-grade polyurethane, developed from its use in the North Sea Oil industries. These harsh environments were perfect testing conditions to prove that it would be an ideal material for manufacturing street furniture to withstand the rigors of the urban environment. This proven durability provides for a low-maintenance bollard with a longer life span and helps to reduce ongoing costs.

Ferrocast is an organic, plastic-like material which in raw state, is liquid. It is mixed and cast around a steel core bollard to form a strong and resistant product. Originally used to replicate Victorian cast iron street furniture that had perished, today Ferrocast is specified to create both traditional landscapes and modern schemes.

A modern alternative to Cast Iron.

Custom shapes, colors, styles, and crash-rated options are available.

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We offer a range of options on Ferrocast bollards to customize them to your individual needs. These are all available on request and include reflective discs, secondary color and coats of arms, crests and logos.

In addition to our standard range of bollards, BDUSA offers a custom Ferrocast bollard design service whereby we can design and manufacture bollards to a specific brief to fit in with a project theme. For more details on this please contact our Sales Office via the form to the right.

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