Safe… not scared; that’s how people should feel when in any public space. During recent years, the use of vehicles in terror attacks or accidental collisions has far too often dominated the headlines across the globe, and now more so than ever, it seems that no place is safe from being a target. RhinoGuard® Kirkos is an innovative street furniture collection that provides a simple yet eff ective way of enhancing the environment whilst providing the appropriate level of protection required. Concrete blocks and barricades have previously been common methods of security used to protect areas of high footfall, such as city centres, airports and sports stadia. These approaches of security make spaces feel hostile and heavily defended and as a result makes pedestrians feel anxious which could reduce footfall and inward investment. When incorporated with RhinoGuard® technology, Kirkos off ers a design-led approach to Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) achieving a balance of protecting the public to ensure people feel safe shopping on the high street or attending a city event without feeling the constant threat of an attack.


• Innovative, Secured by Design Hostile Vehicle Mitigation street furniture collection
• Coordinated seating and planter options
• Available with various security ratings tested in accordance with IWA 14.1, PAS 68 or PAS 170 standards
• Limitless, custom configurations are achievable
• Can cover existing schemes to improve the aesthetics of any given space
• Offered in a range of versatile and vibrant PANTONE and fossil effect colors
• Manufactured in the UK using durable and sustainable materials
• Ethically sourced and environmentally friendly FSC®-certifed timber

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