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Developed by our experts to only require a 100mm deep foundation, the unique design of the RhinoGuard® Super Shallow 100™ bollard is successfully crash tested to IWA 14.1 standards and is capable of withstanding a 7.2-tonne vehicle traveling at 40mph.

The Super Shallow 100™ requires little excavation making the bollard series a perfect solution for areas with high utilities or services. Additionally, the level of waste during installation is minimal.

The tapered bollard core works perfectly with a range of bollard sleeves which are available in a breadth of materials and designs, from mild steel, stainless steel to ferrocast® polyurethane.

The design also lends itself to cope with external and internal site radiuses which can save time with onsite modification whilst allowing flexibility during installation.

  • Only requires a 100mm excavation depth
  • A perfect solution for use in areas where underground service and utilities affect installation
  • Easy to install
  • Range of sleeve options available to complement project design due to the tapered bollard core
  • High level of protection for a number of design schemes
  • Successfully crash tested under the IWA-14.1 standard: V/7200(N2A)/64/90:7.6 (tested with a 3 bollard array)
  • Capable of stopping a 7.2-tonne vehicle traveling at 40mph

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